Company Profile

Corporate Philosophy of 701 Research, Inc.

Aiding in the creation and development of products that support people's future!

701 Research, Inc. is a company that supports surveys including clinical trials to sustain people's safe and secure lifestyles. We provide a wide range of services to support our customers' various research needs, e.g. simple home-use tests, monitoring test, safety or efficacy clinical trials for cosmetic and personal care products, laboratory rental, and the dispatch qualified staff for bio-instrumentation measurement. We will continue striving to become a company that contributes to the future of all people by embracing the "trust" and "achievements" built by all of the staff who are our assets.

701 Research's Business and Strength

We maintain a substantial pool of panelists of our own to support a wide range of customers' needs!

701 Research is making a constant effort to expand our subject database with a wide range of subject types in terms of gender, age, skin types, skin condition, and certain health condition or lifestyle preference. We maintain high quality subject pool of our own which allows us to find subjects who meet customers’ specific eligibility requirements for their surveys with reasonable price in a timely manner. Based on our extensive experience, we select the optimal group of subjects to provide reliable, high-quality data to meet the survey objectives of corporate clients.

Comprehensive services from monitor recruiting to trial completion!

We provide continuous services from the recruiting panelists to complete trials as customer requests with qualified clinic staff and facility. Please feel free to contact us for any survey needs!

Company Profile

Company name 701 Research Inc.
Founded June 5, 1998
Address 4F Oak Otsuka Building. 1-13-4 Kita Otsuka, Toshima-ku, Tokyo, 170-0004, Japan
TEL 03-5832-9875
FAX 03-5834-7195
Director Chief Executive Officer SUDO Takaya
Capital 10 million yen
Business description Subject recruitment
Clinical trials of cosmetics and other personal care products
Home use tests
Laboratory rentals and dispatch of equipment measurement staff

Company History

June, 1998 701 Research Inc. founded
February , 1999 Oji laboratory established
August , 2010 Relocated and established the Sendagi Laboratory to expand the business
January , 2014 Nagano Laboratory established
January , 2015 Ikebukuro recruiting center established
June , 2016 Nagano Laboratory closed
June , 2017 701 Research Inc. became wholly-owned subsidiary of TOYO BEAUTY Co.,Ltd
March , 2019 Relocated and established the Otsuka Head Office / Laboratory to expand the business
(Integration of Sendagi Laboratory and Ikebukuro recruiting center)


Head Office and Otsuka Laboratory

4F Oak Otsuka Building. 1-13-4 Kita Otsuka, Toshima-ku, Tokyo, 170-0004, Japan